Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Worship on a Tuesday Night

It is so easy to compartmentalize the various components of life. One such component is church and this can be further compartmentalized into additional categories including praise and worship. So, first of all, church often gets compartmentalized to something that can only take place during an hour (okay, maybe an hour and a half) on Sunday morning or Saturday night. Maybe "praise and worship" composes 15-20 minutes of that hour.

Tonight, though, I joined Trent, Abby, and an entire auditorium of other folks in worship with this group Hillsong that hails from London. This place was packed and it was loud. My ears are still ringing. I stole this great phrase from a guy named Finney. You might have heard me say it before, "I'm tinglin'." The phrase takes on different meanings in different contexts, but at certain times in my life, I have literally had this tingling sensation. It kind of feels like goosebumps without the bumps - something deeper inside. At those times, I have felt closest to God. This tingling has been strangely absent for several months now and has been replaced with a spiritual numbness of sorts. Tonight, though, there were shimmers of a reawakening.

One of the things that the lead guy kept bringing up is that we worship a resurrected Lord. Uh. Yeah. Hello?! It seems so obvious when someone points it out and yet it seems so distant in the everyday hustle of life - the whole compartmentalization thing - almost like the light switch gets turned completely off or at least on dim.

One of the songs tonight included a chant, "Take, take, take it all."

It really is that simple.

Yet, it isn't so simple.

It is difficult, even painful. I mean the resurrection didn't occur without death and death didn't occur without serious pain.

Worship on a Tuesday night?


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Chuff said...

Take it all is an awesome song! Wish I would have known you guys were going to see Hillsong!