Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Rescue

Well, this evening did not go quite as planned, but I learned a lot about asking for help. After getting back from Lafayette, I worked for about 2 hours and then headed home to enjoy the beautiful weather. Upon entering the house and seeing my road bike staring back longingly from the hallway, I grabbed my helmet, put on my bike shoes, escorted the bike out of the house, and went off on a bike ride. As I was leaving, the thought of taking my cell phone past through the mind but left rapidly. After all, I don't have a anywhere to put it yet on my bike. Furthermore, I was experiencing a bit of youthful infallibility. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

So awhile later, I'm out in the middle of know where and approaching a stop sign. The stop sign is at the bottom of a hill and I'm still getting used to getting the left foot of the pedal when stopping. So I decided to stop at the top of the hill, get off the bike, and walk to the stop sign. Pretty smart, huh? Actually, it might have been because when I started pedaling again, there was no air in the back tire. I mean, none. I was riding on the rim as soon as I started biking again. Now, of course, I did not have a pump or an intertube (reference aforementioned youthful infallibility). It was also starting to darken a bit so I made the call to just scrap the ride and call for help. So this required going up to a house and asking to borrow a phone and then calling the only number that I could remember off the top of my head, my brother, Chad (aka Chuff).

Eventually, despite my poor directions, Chad found me on 6B road east of Juniper. Wow, it was sure amazing to see that big truck come down the road to the rescue. Thanks to Chad for helping a brother out. I learned some lessons.

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jdm said...

Glad you are safe.