Sunday, April 12, 2009

Reflection on the Seder

On Thursday night, we participated in a Passover Seder. At one point the meal, everyone put horseradish and haroset on a piece of matzah. This little "sandwich" had pretty intense and diverse flavor. The pungency of the horseradish stung the sinus. Yet, the apples and the cinnamon offset this pungency and provided sweetness. According to our haggadah for the evening, "The haroset represents the mortar used in making the bricks when the Israelites were enslaved. But it sweet, because God was present even in the midst of their suffering." This is such powerful, experiential reminder that God is present, that there is sweetness in the midst of bitterness. Reminders like this are important. Sometimes I find it so easy to just go about the day without contemplating and remembering and recognizing the presence of God.

Tonight, though, I learned a little bit more about the presence of God. After getting home from Easter dinner (after having played trumpet at a service, keyboard at another, and running over 10 miles), all I really wanted to do was got my bed and read. However, there was this nagging voice saying to go for a bike ride and say hi to friend here in town who had texted earlier. The friend proceeded to share about some pretty intense financial stress that he is facing. Yet, even in this stressful and despairing time, he was courageous and filled with hope. This was kind of unexpected and I'm thankful for the opportunity to be there at that time.

Really, we aren't much different then those enslaved Israelites making bricks. Our enslavement though might look more like financial problems, addictions, fears, and on goes the list. And yet, the sweetness of God was and is present even in this slavery.


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