Monday, April 27, 2009

Praising Continued

Tonight, I'm writing from a bedroom inside a hotel room. Yeah, this hotel room is probably nicer than my house. Some of the amenities... a full-size refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, flatscreen TV, sofa, chair, kitchen table, huge bathroom, bedroom with another TV, 2 beds, a desk, end tables, coffee tables. So it is nice to be chilling here for a few minutes this evening before heading for bed. Last night, I finished off by writing, "This week, I'm hoping to spend time remembering to praise God... for everything! " Today, though, seemed in stark contrast to yesterday. I don't know, it really wasn't like it was a particularly bad day or anything specific. Yesterday, it seemed so easy to just praise God for his creation, for friendships, for everything that he has given us. Today, though, honestly, I struggled almost from the moment the alarm clock rang. What changed? It sure would be nice to know the answer to that question. The frustrations, the sense of inadequacy, the overall pissed-off-edness just kind of pervaded the day. However, developing a "praise habit" (ironically, I've read a book with this title written by David Crowder) will not happen over night. So tonight, I'm praising God just for the opportunity to take a moment and type down these thoughts. Maybe kind of lame. Maybe a bit of a cop out. Yet, even in these few moments, a sense of calmness has crept over me.

Tomorrow, Interwire.

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Melodie said...

Praise takes practice. Having been through some rough times in the last year I can attest to that. You will be tempted not to praise by the things thrown at you in your daily life. You just must remember at every opportunity to a negative feeling is also an opportunity to praise. Melodie