Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well, I was on my way to bed, but decided to write for just a few minutes. Tonight was a bit hectic and overbooked. However, at the management team meeting, I started hearing the sounds of a drum set from upstairs. (This was in part due to some miscommunication on my part.) Eventually, some bass guitar joined the drum and this was followed by some electric guitar and even some keyboard. Some guys at church have been trying out some music over the last couple weeks. I have had a chance to try and chime in some on the keyboard. Tonight, though it was pretty amazing to be downstairs listening. For the first few minutes, the sounds just sounded like chaos. As the minutes ticked by, though, the sounds started to come together into a bit of jam session. One of the management team members even said, "Wow, they are making music!" I'm really excited for these guys and their efforts tonight. They were learning, experimenting, and creating! Keep up the awesome work!

By the way, a friend at work reminded me of story from eighth grade that will be coming soon... stay tuned...

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