Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Stuff" Happens

Well, last night, I was in the process of typing a post regarding Palm Sunday (on Saturday night). However, the words seemed kind of hollow - not very real. This stands in stark contrast to this morning.

Around 7:00 AM, I met Greg for the Sunday morning run. It was just us today and we had some great conversation. However, around mile 6, I knew that I was in trouble. I'm not sure what was on that Subway sandwich last night but it definitely wasn't happy. When we made it to Fir Road, Greg said that he was going right and was going to finish out ten miles. I said that I needed to make an emergency pit stop at my house. So I went left and made a mad dash back into town. At the track, though, the situation was becoming near crisis and I was down to a painful walk up to my house. Then, in an instant, (literally an instant), it was over, and I was off again for a few more miles. I passed Greg over on Elm and he said that I looked a little lighter on my feet. It was certainly true. Whew, what a relief.

Actually, though, this near mishap led me to a place today - the cross. I don't know about you, but I certainly carry a lot of burdens - fears, frustrations, anger, the list goes on - and unfortunately it is not so easy to off-load these burdens as the burden from this morning. Yet, the cross is waiting right there for those burdens and the blood off Jesus is flowing down - quenching the thirsts. The body of Christ is eager to fill the gaping spiritual holes. And I'm sure Jesus, with a wide smile and glint in his eye, would say, "Dude, you sure look a heck of a lot lighter on your feet." Today, I felt lighter on both my physical and spiritual feet.

Take care,



Trent said...

Oh boy. The words just aren't coming to me.

This post deserves to be bookmarked in everyone's favorites for future reference!

jdm said...

Someone I know who likes to run, just bought a new bike, has a wicked cool wife... had a moment like that back in Massachusetts. He actually left a part of himself back there. Came home without a shirt. Good thing it was summer and there were woods.

Trent said...

jdm...I would like to see you recall this moment more vividly in an actually post!