Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My New Favorite Acronym

Well, tonight, I took off for a run after getting back from the management team meeting. However, I somehow felt light compared to any of the other times that I have run this summer. In fact, this summer I have thought many times that I just felt heavy. However, the scale sure didn't seem to indicate that this was the case. Tonight, though, I felt light after reading a blog post by Mr. Trent Miles. Kind of like a weight had been lifted. In his post, he shared 3 letters that eloquently summarized the Thinking Big Manifesto.


No, SQS does not stand for any of the acronyms found at http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/SQS:

Simple Queue Service (Amazon)
Sector Qualifications Strategy (UK)
Spatial Query Server
Sediment Quality Standards (WA State)
Supplemental Qualifications Statement
Service Quality System
Supplier Quality Surveillance
Shuqun Secondary School (Singapore)
Standing Quad Stretch (stretching exercise)
Software Quality Standard
Sales, Quality and Service
Skill Qualification Score
Systems Qualification Specification
Separable Quantum State
Single Queueing Station

Well, actually it stands for all of these. But this list is missing one final three-word phrase:

Status Quo Sucks

That's it. I never knew three letters - three words - could capture so much.

Today, on a whim, I drove down by the former Grace United Methodist Church to see if my brother was there. His car was not there, but I saw Josh's truck so I stopped in to see how the renovation was progressing to create the Bremen United Methodist Church Student Center. Well, at first, honestly, I was taken aback. The sanctuary that had hosted weddings (including three aunts), funerals (including my dear Grandma), baptisms, and confirmations, was radically changed. Yet, taking a break in the middle of the new student center were Josh and... a student - kind of a novel concept, huh? I only know so much of the story, so I certainly apologize if there has been any misrepresentation, but this new facility came out of a merger of two churches - a recognition that the status quo of decades could no longer exist. Out of the ashes of what once were two churches emerges a single church and something totally new... a student center. Wow, that is pretty awesome.

Later, I happened to be a part of a conversation involving friends trying to help friends. These people see a serious need. They see that the status quo is literally wiping the life out of some friends and they are willing to take the risk...

One conversation from this summer is enblazoned in my mind. The family (including Meg and Jenn), Lois, and Grandpa were all eating at the BHOP (Bremen Pancake House). Grandpa made a comment that I may never forget. I'm paraphrasing a bit but he said that you have to move on from suffering a loss. Coming from him, this meant a great deal and it will be something that I will remember forever. There is certainly a time for mourning but it can't become the status quo, because there also is a time for dancing!

Earlier today, even, I had a conversation with an employee in Lafayette. She was asking about the decision to work in Lafayette. I shared that change is good. It is really easy to get stuck in a rut (a.k.a., the status quo). Of course, the proximity to Jenn is great, too!

Finally, I reflected on Jesus some tonight and think that he might even agree with this acronym. Although, I can come up with several reasons to support this conclusion, I'll share two. First, Jesus came and taught in an entirely new way. In fact, Jesus distinguished himself from other teachers of his time by teaching in parables. Most of the scholars and teachers of Jesus' time quoted and interpreted scribal law to teach the people. This was very formal, lofty language. Yet, Jesus bases his parables and teachings on everday experiences. They are down-to-earth. Second, Jesus performed miracles. He understood pain and healed people. He did not leave people where they were. He asked them to stand up. He told them to walk. He made their eyes to see. The Gospels are filled with such miraculous events. Not too much of the status quo going on there!

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Your blogs this week have been inspiring! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.