Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Organizational Culture

Tonight, as I was completing my management midterm, I needed to read part of the textbook (Robbins and Coulter's Management Today) to get some ideas for a response regarding ethical culture. However, two other sub-headings drew my attention: creating an innovative culture and spirituality and organizational culture.

These sub-headings highlight highlight a few ideas.

First, an innovative culture does not happen on its own. It has to be created and fostered. I suspect, though, that it is difficult to create an innovative culture out of an unimaginative, uncreative culture.


One simple word:


Innovation is risky. New ideas are risky. Debates and conflicts are risky.

Change is...


Second, I encounter many people who are dissatisfied with their work. One of the things that I long for is to find some kind of meaning in my work. Apparently, other people share these sentiments. Hey, the topic even made the textbook as part of this idea, workplace spirituality. I wonder, though, what it looks like to actively foster a culture with workplace spirituality.

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