Monday, June 15, 2009


Sunday was a pretty interesting day. It left me feeling inspired and incredibly thankful. The morning started out with a run with Greg and Mark. I bowed out at 7 miles because I'm hoping to focus more on biking for a few weeks. However, during the run, I was thinking about how Jenn has started to run this spring. It has been so great to hear her talk about increasing her distance. I'm just so excited for her!

After getting back from the run, I made some coffee in the French press (thanks Jenn!!). For the next two hours or so, I just lay on the front porch. This has become one of my favorite Sunday morning activities. I take the sleeping bag and a blanket out to the porch with several pillows and just lay there reading as the sun (and temperature) continue to rise. This is a beautiful time in the morning. I've been reading a book, The Five Love Languages. (More to follow on that book in another post.)

After reading for awhile, I put the front racks on my bike and took it for a test ride to the farm. Each pack had 2 textbooks for a total of 8 textbooks on the bike. It is great that all those books are finally getting some use again!

After a nice lunch with my mom, I headed back into town to meet Tim for a bike ride. We road for about an hour and fifteen minutes and then headed to the pool to dive for rings. We did this last year and it was great fun to go for it again this year. We throw three rings per person out at a time and the goal is to pick them all up in one dive. We are getting pretty proficient at this. Swimming time ended with some aqua jogging.

Then, Ben and I headed out on a covert operation that has been in the works for some time. Georgia called and said all was clear so we took off in our white shirts and skinny black ties to help out in a mission. At the Miles' house, we picked up food and some other gear. We left a little bit nerous following a warning from Georgia to make sure that the basket did not end up in the lake. At Mary and Jerry's, we loaded the food and gear in the speedboat and we took off with Jerry across the lake for the rendezvous with the pontoon boat that had left probably 20 minutes earlier. As planned, we found Trent and Abby. Well, she said, "Yes," and so we served up the food for their dinner. (Fortunately, Georgia sent food for the help, too!) Photographer Ben snapped a lot of great pics. I got to be a food artist when placing the strawberries on the cheesecake and managed to get the plates to and from the table without breaking anything. Special congratulations to Trent and Abby! Thanks for your friendship, and I wish you the very best in the journey to come!

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Abby Miller said...

thank you, again, for making our special night...well, special. :)