Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Sting

Grandma Huff died two years ago. It is amazing that sometimes the sting still seems so real. Today, on the flight back from Oswego, I thought some about that time and two vivid images came to mind.

First, Dad shared a letter that he had written to Grandma. This letter was powerful, but I think the more striking image was that Mom stood right there with him. They made it through together. Mom even read a portion of it that Dad was not able to read.

Second, right before the funeral, Grandma's entire Sunday school class lined up and gathered around the open casket for one last farewell. I guess that these two images are so permanently etched in my mind because they so beautifully capture a sense of togetherness - of being together on this journey of life.

Take care,



Chuff said...

Every minute of that day is etched in my mind.

Anonymous said...

saturday was a sad day for me too.
sunday was so much better. it was sure fun to have everybody together for lunch. meg and jen are great. dad

Schafer said...

I don't think that the sting of such a loss ever leaves us, but over time the happy memories (as you've outlines here) help us to get through the pain of that loss.