Monday, June 29, 2009

The Simple Things in Life

Lately, I have been learning to truly enjoy the simple things in life. Lately, one of my favorite things to do is to drink a cup of French pressed coffee with Jenn. We also recently had a wonderful time flying kite. I am so thankful for these opportunities.

Tonight, I was sitting at the dining room table and heard sounds of the marching band coming across the field. Jenn has talked about how she enjoys hearing the bands practicing at the college. I also enjoy hearing the music drift across the school yard from the high school. Tonight, I was surprised by the volume of the band. Even though they are still a pretty small group (this is only the second year of marching band following a several year hiatus), their dynamics and ability to achieve an impressive volume are awesome. The sounds of the fight song stirred up some pretty fond memories of marching band at Bremen and St. Joe. (Interestingly enough, two college first-year students started band at St. Joe ten years ago this August. That is pretty hard to believe!) I just had this amazing compulsion to go over to the track in order to better hear and see the band. Later, I had the opportunity to talk with the director and am so pleased by his enthusiasm and his restoration of the band program.

Take care,



Don said...

10 years since we were freshman at the Joe! Where does the time go?

Jackie said...

I totally get it! One of my favorite sounds in the world is hearing a drumline cadence from a practicing band. Brings back a flood of memories-when I hear it I want to find a piece of guard equipment and start spinning it! Glad to hear Bremen band is on the up-the Bremen show was always one of our first of the season in high school, and a night show to boot! Good times.

Jenn said...

I can't even start to tell you how happy I am to get to share in the simple things with you for the rest of our lives.