Wednesday, June 24, 2009

phone charger and trust

Last night, I got home from class (the last one before the final!) and finished packing for today's journey to Oswego. This is certainly a time of many changes both professionally and personally. Today and tomorrow, I'll be focusing on learning the products and machines that will be transferring to our Bremen facility as Oswego closes down. As I was packing, I ran through the list of items in my head, jeans, shirt, socks, toothbrush, ... charger cord.

Charger cord.

Where in the heck is the charger for my cell phone? Ben can attest that for the next 1/2 hour I scrambled around the house trying to find the charger cord.

Why? Well, the battery on the phone is not fully charged and the Oswego plant zaps the battery. All I could think about was getting into a bind out in New York and my phone being dead. So I guess the cell phone (and charger) kind of provide a sense of security. I remember quite vividly being at the Syracuse airport in December during a blizzard and using the cell phone to talk to the travel agent, my boss, the travel agent... you get the point.

Eventually, though, I realized that the charger was not going to be found and the opportunity for a reasonable sleep was rapidly fading. (It was already 11:00 and my 5:00 AM depart time was rapidly approaching.)

So I took a deep breath, turned off the phone (to save the battery), went to bed, and slept.

This morning, when I got to the plant to pick up the car, I reached into my computer bag and pulled out the phone charger.

Honestly, I don't remember putting the charger in the bag and I had just carried the bag into the house before starting to look for the charger. So I must have walked in the door with the bag, seen the charger, and immediatley put into the bag without even thinking about it or... well, who knows?

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Ben Miller said...

You found it! You looked pretty frightened when you couldnt find it.