Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week in Review by Guest Bloggers from Facebook

This week, several folks from Facebook left some powerful and thought-provoking comments on several posts. Just wanted to include these for those of you not on Facebook.

A Troubling Conversation

"Work should be a profession, a career, a calling, not just a job. It is more personally satisfying that way and easier to see that you make a difference." ~ Rob

"Do you know about Brother Lawrence and his work Practicing the Presence of God? Any work we do can be infused with God's presence if we make it our mission to do so. It is an amazing concept." ~ Carol

Factories (Part I)

"More people need to WANT/DESIRE to make a difference." ~ Rhonda

Factories (Part II)

"Don't forget to look at management for buy-in to needed change. For systems change, it is difficult to have success without buy-in from the top." ~ Carl

"Most organization do not have the incentives (or culture) in place to create what might appear to be the more logical way to get things done." ~ Terra

"If an employee feels ownership of their position, be it machine or otherwise they will look at every gauge or valve and respond to it as if it were their car, house or other possession. This starts with management giving employees the feeling that what they do matters and makes a difference. Many "factory" environments are toxic due to bad ... read, more management. Your team is only as good as you are and you are only as good as your team. Motivate by example, lead with compassion, walk alongside and talk with kindness and respect and watch they employees grow." ~ Melodie

I'm looking for links and books on these and related topics. I'm also interested in hearing more!

We have been given so much. With these gifts come great responsibilities: to share, develop, grow. Thanks for being a part of this past week's journey.

Coming this week:

Project Pitfalls

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