Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Starbucks Experience

Yesterday, Jenn and I ventured up to Mishawaka and this included a stop at the Main Street Starbucks. First, we walked in and noted that the place was packed - in a good way. Some people were deep in conservation. Others reclining on the sofa. Yet, we were able to walk right up to the cashier and order two mochas - a tall and a grande - without whipped cream. At the end of the counter we sat down in two comfortable chairs. I propped my feet on the foot rest and we waited for our drinks. The barista finished one drink and said, "Here is one of your drinks." I started to get up but then she said, "Just stay seated, we'll have the other one done in a minute. You two just look so relaxed."

Just stay seated.

This was such a welcome statement. Even though it probably only added another minute or two of real time to our brief respite, those few moments felt great. And the extra comment, "Just stay seated," made all the difference.

Take care,



jdm said...

Jim and I were at the same Starbucks yesterday. While I was mixing my coffee with a little raw sugar and some half n' half, I was reading comments from customers they had posted. One of the commenters said that that Starbucks always has an unrushed and relaxed feel to it. I guess you got a taste of that.

Shouldn't we all just take a moment sometimes to "stay seated" in our rush to make it from point A to point B? That extra few moments can make a big difference.


Jenn said...

How I could have used another "Starbucks Experience" this morning!