Friday, May 8, 2009

500 MCM in Lafayette

It is Friday night nearly Saturday morning already. My last post was on Monday and it is the weekend already again. This work week was rather interesting and culminated in a trip to Lafayette this afternoon/evening. Before going into this trip further, I just want to note a transition that happened during the week. For reasons I'm not sure about, a bunch anger had built up in me and it finally burst this week - not in the most positive way - but it burst nonetheless.

Consequently, this led into a pretty exciting Friday. Recently, I was asked to help out on a product produced in our Lafayette facility. This has been exciting for several reasons. First, it has allowed us (different facilities) to work together for a common goal. Too often, it seems easy to develop negative competition. This type of competition pits people/facilities against each other in such a way that the only way to succeed is to make everybody else look bad. This project has been so refreshing because it has quite simply allowed us to work together, learn from each other, brainstorm together. My hope is that we have improved the product in question are also building a foundation for future opportunities. Second, it has allowed me to get out to another facility. Also, too often, it is easy to have a narrow view of industry, production, engineering, and quality that is isolated to a single facility. Yet, other facilities offer additional insights and ideas.

So anyways, the jury is out until Monday when the wire is processed by our customer, but I am cautiously optimistic that we are...

better together.

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