Sunday, May 10, 2009

On Milestones and Moms

Today, I met up with Greg and Mark for the Sunday morning run. These mornings have been great opportunities to run with some outstanding athletes. This morning I reached a milestone of 13 miles. One year ago, the though of running had not even entered my mind. I know this for a fact because a quick check of previous blogs entries revealed that the first time I had tried running was on 6/10/08. Now, eleven months later, I'm up to 13 miles. What's next? In a few weeks, I'm planning to run in the 1/2 marathon at the Sunburst. At this point, I don't have a goal other than to complete the race. This kind of affirmed something though in my mind - the importance of milestones and setting and reaching goals. All of this indicates movement and change. Last night, on the way to Hacienda,Trent, Abby, and I talked about changes and different "graduations" on the journey of life. I guess the opposite of these changes would probably be stagnation. Although changes come with challenges, stagnation is something that really scares me.

Shifting gears, today is Mother's Day. The card I picked out for my mom had a road-sign with "Mom's" printed on it. In college, we used to frequent a truck stop called Grandma's. There was just something about Grandma's that always brought us back. Maybe it was the name. Maybe it was the grilled cheese sandwich. Maybe it was just being there with close friends. Or maybe it was all of the above. At this point in my life, I am really glad to have a place called Mom's to frequent. Maybe it is those Saturday brunches. Maybe it is the chance to spend time at "home." I'm so thankful for Mom - her love and her support. (Of course, the food is great, too!)

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