Sunday, April 20, 2008


Wow, it has already been several days since the last post so I'm going to share a few today. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to El Paso. The trip was thought-provoking on many levels. The intent of the trip was to share some exciting information about copper with our colleagues and associates in El Paso. Ironically, I learned much more during this trip than they probably learned from the meetings.

I work for a great company that has grown significantly over the last decade. One consequence of this growth is that it has has evolved from a local company to a company with presence throughout the nation at various production and distribution facilities. While we are all part of one family, each location has its own unique role within the company. They each also have their own unique subculture. While visiting the El Paso facility, I realized how much I had become part of the Bremen subculture. Yet, stepping out the familiar subculture and engaging a different subculture opened my imagination to wondrous possibilities right here in Bremen. "Escaping" my subculture even influenced other people around me.

This experienced raised many questions and I will share some of them.

"To what other subcultures do I belong?"

"Do I need to 'escape' any of these - even if for a few minutes - to gain perspective?"

"When I become engrossed in any one of these subcultures, do I exclude others?"

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