Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Recently, I had a very interesting conversation with a friend about evolution. We started out discussing science and Christianity. Ultimately, he asked, "It is okay for Christians to believe in evolution?"

We discussed this for quite some time and came to a conclusion:


It is getting a bit late and I'm tired - not sure tonight is the right night to go into more details of the conversation. However, as I thought about this question for another couple of days, a few others questions came to my mind.

Why is this such a touchy topic?

Why are people put in situations where they either have to ask or answer this question (or a derivation of this question) anyway?

Does evolution have anything to do with Jesus - and more specifically - Jesus' message of love?

How would belief in evolution prevent the existence of Jesus?

Do arguments over evolution, creation, and intelligent design obscure real issues - issues like hunger and AIDS? Would efforts be better placed than into vehemence over science curriculum?

Unfortunately, I don't have any experience in philosophy and this probably slides into the philosophical realm pretty rapidly. But I can't help but think about these questions and if there is actually some other underlying issue regarding this topic.

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