Sunday, April 13, 2008

Diminutive in Stature but Bountiful in Spirit

This post is the second in a series entitled the Aroma of Christ. First, however, I wanted to share an observation from someone who looked at the picture in The Visionary post: the lights form crosses. These coupled with the rainbow (see last picture in linked post) certainly offer some poignant visual symbols of God's presence. It takes my breath away.

About ten months ago, another event took my breath away. Our family experienced an incredible loss with the death of Grandma. At Grandma’s visitation, we quickly grasped the impact that this diminutive woman had on the lives of people in our local community. However, in the midst of this time of immense sorrow, I observed the tears of a little girl.

These tears will remain permanently etched in my mind. In some ways, these tears were further evidence of sorrow, but upon reflection, they also offered evidence of hope, life, love, and renewal. Perhaps the tears of this little girl most poignantly captured Grandma's bountiful spirit. We learned that this little girl used to go sit by Grandma in church. In fact, unbeknownst to our family, this little girl also called Grandma, Grandma. The tears she shed at the visitation, funeral, and cemetery certainly were such profound evidence of Grandma's loving spirit and a legacy that will carry on through the years.

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justin said...

Wow. What great saints made the world what it is today! Just to think of how much good your grandma brought into the world... to try to imagine the world without her...