Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Few Follow-Ups

I have mentioned or wrote about David Kinnaman's book unChristian several times now. This book provides an incredible glimpse into the minds of sixteen to twenty-nine-year-olds and their perceptions of Christianity. In some ways, it is really disheartening. However, it also provides a huge challenge. In fact, it is impossible to change or improve without first recognizing a problem exists. The books also challenges a person to imagine a different world filled with a more Christian Christianity. Jonalyn Fincher imagines, "Christians will cultivate an understanding of art, science, business, engineering, architecture, and medicine because we know that our work tells the world more what God is like" (241).

In follow-up to the Mercy post, I had to laugh again at God's sense of humor when I read last night, "We'd rather dwell on how far we've come than how far we have to go" (Tiegreen, C. Walk with God. 113). This really hit home.

Finally, on my bike ride this evening, I came across a huge number of cars lining the streets - kind of like you would expect to see at a football game, a wedding, or a massive party. The cars stretched out from the funeral home. Earlier this week, the high school lost one of its own in a car accident. While I didn't know this student, it was apparent that many did in this tremendous outpouring of presence. I couldn't help but wonder how a young guy could be snatched way from his school, his friends, his family in one tragic moment. Why?

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