Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Real World

Wow, the first quarter of 2008 has passed. Where does the time go? Thankfully, we have had some sunshine to start off April.

A couple of the employees at Subway shared some comments this week. They are both students. One is a junior and one a senior. The junior is interested in going into graphic design and has already visited 6 colleges. He is ready to take a deep dive into pursuing scholarships. The senior will graduate from a local high school in a few short weeks. He is hoping to take classes at a local community college and continue working.

(A sidebar: The employees at Subway are some of the most friendly people I know. They rock.)

Two distinctly different paths to this mythical thing called "The Real World."

We will soon be entering into an interesting season of the year. Starting in early May, colleges and high schools around our nation will conduct graduation and commencement ceremonies. A common phrase that these students will have to endure hearing over and over (and over) again is "The Real World."

It might sound something like “After you graduate, you will have to enter the real world.”

A good friend shared some thoughts about "The Real World" this week. His thoughts and observations certainly forced me to pause and contemplate this concept for a few moments.

What is this thing called "The Real World?"

Is it something like that great show on MTV having the same name?

Is it something like the stats that David Kinnaman shared in his book?

Is it striving to find that perfect 9-5 job?

Is it using money from that perfect job to build a fortress (a.k.a home) filled with treasure?

Are fear, grief, sadness, bills, uncertainty, pain, loneliness, doubts, and [fill in the blank] part of this world?

What is "The Real World?"

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