Saturday, November 7, 2009


I am currently taking an applied management class in Indiana Weslyan's MBA program. Before starting the class in Lafayette, I was thoroughly enjoying reading and writing. Learning had evolved into a profoundly intrinsic part of of my life.

On Monday, as I was driving home from class, I became utterly frustrated by this class. We are working on a group project that involves the analysis of a fictitious company, CanGo. We have a CD that has a series of vignettes and other features such as financial data and memos. We are supposed to watch the vignettes and then evaluate the company and make recommendations.

This is frustrating because before this class I was already doing this for real. I spent a lot of time thinking and even writing about my observations. So I'm left wondering why we are studying a fictitious company. Why aren't we looking at our own companies or researching other companies? This project is quite stale compared to the real thing.

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