Monday, November 2, 2009

Business Networking

Well, I have just a few minutes to write before class. The pace has picked up a bit more over the last week with class starting again. I have devoted any "extra" minutes to read, studying, writing, and, of course, raking leaves.

This past week, I also went to a business networking event in Indianapolis. I had a great time talking with students, alumni, and faculty from my alma mater, St. Joseph's College. It was particularly exciting to meet up with the CEO of a company that I interned with in college. He is an amazing businessperson - probably because he knows how to surround himself with truly the best people possible. His business has seen remarkable success - even in this sluggish economy. So having the chance to catch up with him was certainly a great part of this event. Some of his other secrets to success are present in some additional comments that he shared.

"I know you will do well in the future - just don't try to force it. Enjoy what you are doing, continue to challenge yourself, and continue to look for opportunities to use and develop your talents. Eventually you'll be at the top and you will have enjoyed the process of getting there. It's not about you being successful - it 's about you helping others be successful."

Yes, I'm pretty sure that this type of attitude is what has taken this particular CEO to the top.

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