Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Okay, so this week I'm a weaner. Please note the spelling! I just thought it would be humorous to have the title of the blog post be weaner because of my experiment to wean down my coffee consumption.

Last week, I decided that it would be a good idea to start backing off on my coffee consumption. (This idea was not mine. I heard about it from someone else and it sounded like a good idea.) My consumption level had climbed to 4-5 cups in the morning and an occasional cup in the afternoon on particularly tiresome days. This just seemed like too much. I started needing to have that cup with me just to get through the mornings. So last week, I backed down to strictly two cups a day. After a week at two cups, I felt like a conqueror. It was no problem! In fact, on Sunday, I went without coffee for the entire day.

Then, Monday.

1 cup a day.

Not good.

My typical routine in the morning is to stop by my desk for a few minutes and then head out to get that first cup of coffee from the break room. Only on Monday, the first cup was also the last cup. I really couldn't believe how much I longed for that second cup of coffee. Unfortunately, the situation did not improve on Tuesday or Wednesday. In fact, today, I almost poured a second cup in the early afternoon.

This has proven to be a much more difficult project than anticipated. There is just something about drinking that warm liquid. I enjoy the Starbucks experience and making French pressed coffee to drink with Jenn.

What will the the future hold? I'm not sure. However, it is still a goal to get through this week drinking 1 cup a day.




Jan said...

Did you get the ill-fated caffeine withdrawal headache? It's a killer.

I have so few bad habits that I will keep my coffee! :)

Jenn said...

If I can run for 30 minutes I know that you can make it at one cup a day! I will even drink tea with you at Starbucks!