Sunday, August 16, 2009

August Sundays

Honestly, I think my mind must be a little fried or something because I haven't been able to come up with much to write about lately. Yet, I miss writing, and so tonight I'm just going to write about August Sundays.

August Sundays are probably some of my most favorite days in the year. Today, for example, started out by waking up and reading. (I'm reading Reliquary, the sequel to Preston and Child's Relic. These guys are amazing!) Then, it was time for some coffee. Typically, I would take my blanket and pillows out to the porch and bask in the sun on Sunday morning. However, it was hazy and not too sunny. So I took the coffee and went back to my bed. I learned that if the pillows are all propped up just right, it is possible to read in bed and drink coffee. It doesn't get much better than that. (By the way, I have settled on 2 cups of coffee a day. A lone cup a day just wasn't working out.)

Around 11:30, I packed my back-pack, filled my water bottle, grabbed my bike helmet, and road out to Mom and Dad's. Now some of you might think it is way too hot to ride bike. However, I have been waiting all summer for heat like this. (I think this probably comes from my Grandpa Wise. He likes the heat, too.) Post-lunch included basking in the sun and reading while the food digested. After an essential pit stop, I headed out on a 10 mile run. It probably sounds kind of gross, but I just feel really alive running out in the hot weather with the sweat seeping out. This afternoon's winds interacted with the sweat to provide some welcome relief.

After biking back into town, I read some more, did some dishes, and even cleaned (crazy, I know).

Then, I headed into work to finish cleaning out my cubicle for Matt (most likely, there will be more to come on this tomorrow).

So all-in-all nothing earth-shattering or even that exciting. However, it certainly is wonderful to just bask in the glory of a wonderful August Sunday.

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Abby Miller said...

I'm curious about the essential pit stop :)