Sunday, July 26, 2009

One More Wisconsin Post: The Porch is a Stage

The past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind. This weekend, Jenn and I met up with the M.O.B. (Men of Bennett) at Mississinewa State Recreational Area. However, I wanted to share one more Wisconsin post before moving on to other posts. The great thing about my week in Wisconsin was the opportunity to witness connections be created. For example, during the student retreat, we met a young man named Aaron. Aaron is the pastor's son and he just graduated from high school. However, he also moved to Wisconsin from India just over a year ago. Talk about a change in culture during the high school years. I can't imagine what this transition has been like for Aaron. He shared some thoughts about the weather and making friends. The snow was cool to see - the first time. Aaron also indicated that it has been difficult to make friends. I was really excited to see our group accept Aaron. He even ended up camping at the cabin with us and joined us on our hiking adventure. He also had the star role in the second group's final activity. The two groups took stage on the front porch of the cabin to share songs and skits that they had written about God's love.

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