Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Tonight, I broke into my own house.

Ironically, this afternoon, I stopped by the hardware store to get a spare key to the house. This meant that I took the house key of my key chain, and, well, it never made it back on the key chain. So, tonight, I got home from watching softball and water polo, and pulled out my keys to unlock the door and no house key. I was standing outside my door with all my other keys while my two house keys rested on the kitchen table.


I called Ben and Troy to see if either had their keys and if they were nearby.

Neither answered.

So I walked around to the front door and saw that the screen door was locked but the main door was open. Using my keen detective-like skills, I managed to get past the locked screen door and into the house through the front door... without any damage.

However, this situation led me to think about locks.

Why do we have so many locks?

What are we locking in and what are we locking out?

What if we didn't have so many locks?


Chuff said...

Some people would have less material things, and others would have more. Plus it would eliminate the whole profession of locksmithing. I don't think I could handle that.

Schafer said...

the unfortunate reality is that if we didn't have so many locks -- we would have less stuff.

Chuff said...

I thought about it some more though Todd, and there is an even bigger lock out there. But the key is free to anyone who believes. I have more thoughts, but it would make excellent campfire discussion.