Sunday, December 21, 2008

Today (Sunday)

Last night ~6:10 PM: Arrive back in Bremen at Horizon for church (see previous post).

7:30 PM: Return company car

7:45 PM: Arrive at Christmas Vacation move night. Great movie. Great times.

At the end of the movie: Roll over on side. Crash.

~11:15 PM - Wake up. Watch some TV. Laugh.

~11:45 PM - Get back home. Crash again.

Sunday 6:37 AM: Awaken to phone call. "Toddahito," says the voice on the other end of the line. I learn that the power is out in much of Bremen. This means that garage doors don't open. However, Clella needs to get out on a plane from South Bend to Detroit to Portland, Maine. I wait to hear back if the flights are still ago.

7:17 AM: Power goes out at my house.

7:18 AM: Receive confirmation that Clella's flight is a go.

7:19 AM: Call Clella. "Let's go."

7:20 AM: Stumble over shoes. Put them on. Find spare key to car because can't find regular key ring.

7:25 AM: Leave house. Drive through dark streets of Bremen. No lights on anywhere including stoplights.

7:30 AM: Pick up Clella. Start journey up 331. Treacherous.

8:19 AM: Arrive at airport.

8:45 AM: Get to counter. Ticket agent looks up. Oh no. "The Portland leg is cancelled," says the agent. Get on phone.

8:50 AM: Decide that Clella can continue on revised flight plan.

9:10 AM: Depart from airport. Use change from floor of car to pay $2 parking fee because no cash in wallet.

9:20 AM: Receive call from JDM. Turn around to go back and get Clella. Portland, Maine is supposed to get 2 more feet of snow.

9:30 AM: Meet Clella at Northwest line. Wait in line.

9:40 AM: Waiting in line. Waiting in line. Waiting in line.

10:30 AM: Get to counter. Full refund!

10:43 AM: Out of airport and on the way back to Bremen.

11:30 AM: Arrive at Steve and Amy's. The power is still out in Bremen but they have a generator and gas heat. Hang out with Steve, Amy, Jim, JDM, Clella, Charlotte. Good times!

3:00 PM: Taco soup time. Beans. Oh yeah!

4:45 PM: Arrive home. Take much needed shower.

6:00 PM: Arrive at farm. Enjoy a few hours with fam.

9:00 PM: Arrive home again.

10:00 PM: Reflect.

Wow, the last few days have been pretty amazing - honestly, in a good way. In recounting everything tonight with my mom, she inquired how I managed to stay calm out in New York. Actually, I just pretty much felt at peace with the entire situation. I was kind of taken aback by this sense of calmness.

Tonight, it dawned on me about what a blessing it was to spend time with folks today. It is kind of weird that adverse weather conditions bring people together in a special way. Helping Clella get to the airport and back home, maintaining steady contact with JDM to work on the travel situation, spending the afternoon with a group of people just having fun and staying warm, hanging out with the family. I can't imagine a world devoid this richness of relationships. I can't imagine a world without this huge opportunity to do this thing called living with these people.

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