Monday, March 10, 2008

Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

I recently spent a pleasant afternoon with extended family. It had been several weeks since the family had met together. Consequently, conversations were quite animated and diverse. However, one topic always seems to come up in these gatherings. Pets. More specifically, kitties. Everyone in my family has a pet. Most have cats.

Okay, I have a confession to make. Actually, if you know me at all, this is not really a confession.

I'm not crazy about pets. For those of you who have pets, please do not take offense. This is not a condemnation of pets or pet owners, it is merely a personal preference. In fact, I get along quite nicely with pets - particularly cats. Cats seem to enjoy air-petting. (1)

My kitty, Frank

Grandma loved cats.

I can still hear her shouting, "Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty," at feeding time. Perhaps shouting is not an appropriate word. She spoke with authority - as if she expected the kitties to come running to the feeding pans each day.

Grandma had farm cats.(2) I remember some names of their names, Yellow Ears, Yellow Tail, Yellow Eyes.

Grandma loved her cats. She welcomed them all. She cared for the lost, sick, old, and young cats. She fed the yellow, black, striped, grey, and white cats. She cooked for the cats. She named the cats. She was sad and concerned if a cat did not show up for dinner. When they came running, her lips broke into the most wonderful smile. Her eyes sparkled.

I think Jesus' eyes sparkle when we respond to his call.

Here, Toddy, Toddy, Toddy.

Here, Sally, Sally, Sally.

Here, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.




He calls the sick, the lame, the lonely, the lost. He calls the tax collectors and the prostitutes.

He calls


He calls

(1) Air-pet; Function: verb; inflected form(s): air-petted, air-petting; date: 2004; (a) to treat as a pet, (b) to stroke in a gentle or loving way while maintaining four or more feet of free air space between self and pet; (c) specifically in reference to cats, to softly croon "precious kitty" while stroking as in (b)

(2) Farm cat; Function: noun; (a) any of a family of cats residing in or around barns, (b) any of a family of cats abandoned by others on the side of the road that wander to nearest barn and claim it as a new home, (c) any of a family of cats residing on farms and susceptible to mange, bad eyes, or injury related to farm equipment

P.S. Thanks Grandma. I love you.

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Trent Miles said...

Booyah! Great post T. I can't wait to tell some people about your blog.