Thursday, April 8, 2010

Finding the "Easter Egg"

This morning during the commute, I was reflecting back on this past weekend. Eric's Easter egg hunt was one highlight of Stunday afternoon. Eric is the only grandchild that still "qualifies" for the hunt and Auntie Reg made sure to take great care of him. (I mean how many kids have an auxiliary Easter bag that includes Legos and other cool gifts? :)) So the whole Easter egg thing is kind of interesting. Eggs containing candy, coins, and other cool things are hidden throughout the yard. Then, the search begins. Inevitably, these treasures end up being right in front of the hunter - except the hunter can't always see them. The angle is not quite right. The focus is not quote there to see the egg. Yet, as I was driving, some other images came to mind:
  • Jenn leaning down to the daffodil to see its full beauty
  • Meg picking up the baby chick from the heated box
  • Troy stooping down into the window sill to find a salamander
Jenn, Meg, and Troy each had the focus and the eyes to see these treasures of life. Some might have walked right on by the daffodil. Others might not have even thought to see the chicks. Still others wouldn't even think to look for a salamander. But each of these people demonstrated the beauty of a different sort of Easter egg hunt. This hunt continues on from Easter and celebrates the beauty and awe of restored life.

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