Tuesday, July 13, 2010

God's Air Conditioning

Over the past few weeks, Jenn and I have spent several Saturday and Sunday afternoons at Lake Banet on the campus of our alma mater, St. Joseph's College. This past Sunday, Jenn and I sat on our new beach chairs... in the lake. We read our books and enjoyed the silence.

The beach is nestled away from US231 just enough that the sounds of the cars and semis are only barely audible. No houses and yards disrupt the shore-line. Two lifeguards were the only other people at the beach. Okay, another lady is there almost all the time, but she usually is off on her own. So, yes, we were reading and enjoying the silence.

Yet, it wasn't really silent at all. The breeze rustled the leaves. The birds harmonized in the trees. The occasional movement of Jenn's feet resulted in a few happy splashes. The water lapped subtly against the shore.

Later, our friend, Nick, joined us at the lake for a brief respite from the fast-pace of life and the almost oppressive heat. As the three of us relaxed and kept cool in the lake, minnows started nibbling at us. Well, they really started swarming around me. One even went into my pocket. In fact, they kind of swarmed around some awkward areas.

We all laughed.

It is kind of amazing when you think about it. In this world filled with Facebook, Nintendo Wii, shiny vehicles, spacious houses, and the latest trends, three friends enjoyed something a bit more organic.

We enjoyed an afternoon in God's air conditioning.

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