Friday, July 2, 2010


Today, I received a text from Jenn:

"Pulled out the mixer. Working on surprise #2."

Jenn has enjoyed organizing the kitchen with all of the new items that we received as gifts. Yesterday, she surprised me with Aunt Lois' strawberry lemonade - compliments of the new blender. So this text piqued my interest and the day could not get over fast enough.

I arrived home from work and walked into the kitchen singing, "It's the freakin' weekend..." Then, my gaze landed on the table and my eyes widened. The table was covered in... cookies.

"Ooh, cookies!" I exclaimed.

I heard some laughter from the backyard. Jenn was reading in the hammock.

So I scampered out to say hello and was hopeful that perhaps it would be okay to eat a cookie.

Sure enough, Jenn said to get a cookie.

So I dashed back into the kitchen and inhaled a cookie.

Then, something dawned on me. These were not just any ordinary cookies. These were old fashioned sour cream drop cookies that Grandma used to make. Only, they were different! You see, Grandma only ever made them with white frosting. My initial thought upon discovering the cookies was that they were some great 4th of July cookies. It never occurred to me that these could be the same cookies from years past. But really, they were different. They were red, white, and blue... Jenn made them in her own special way!

(Thanks to Anita for the copy of the Grace United Methodist Church cookbook!)

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