Monday, October 24, 2011

The World Didn't Even Notice

It has been several months since my last post. I guess you could say that I have had an extended problem with writer's block. Actually, I'm still not sure if it has lifted, but I have been writing some as an alumni blogger for SJC.

Some significant developments have occurred since my last post. First, in August, I started teaching Core One for St. Joseph's at St. Elizabeth School of Nursing in Lafayette. Second, in September, I completed the final requirements for the MBA with an accounting specialization from Indiana Wesleyan University. Perhaps, I will write more about these developments in the future.

Last night, I was reading from John in The Message:

The Life-Light was the real thing:
Every person entering Life
he brings into Light.
He was in the world,
the world was there through him,
and yet the world didn't even notice.
He came to his own people,
but they didn't want him.
But whoever did want him,
who believed he was who he claimed
and would do what he said,
He made to be their true selves,
their child-of-God selves.
These are the God-begotten,
not blood-begotten,
not flesh-begotten,
not sex-begotten. (1:9-13)

We have experienced and continue to experience exponential changes in communication and technology. Society continues to focus on "more." The only measure of the economic success seems to involve growth.

In the midst of our current environment, "the world didn't even notice" popped out of the page. Could it be the world didn't even notice that the Light was present because the world was distracted? How much do Facebook, Twitter, the latest advancement in TV size, and a focus on economic growth actually distract us from what is really important? In my case, I struggled inside through much of the MBA because I sensed that it was distracting me from a deeper purpose. Hopefully, I will remember that sense of struggle in the future and keep what is truly important at the forefront.


Ben Miller said...

Hey Todd, glad to see you're still Keepin it Real! Get it? Its the name of your blog haha. I just posted on my blog tonight too! For the first time this year! We must have had a mental connection guiding us toward our computers. Great post btw, its true how easily distracted we get from whats really important. Think of the potential we have if we had no distractions at all!

Nick S. said...

Thuff, as always I enjoy reading your insights and thoughts. This one, in particular, struck a cord with me. When will the bubble burst? I think to the work world where a 2% raise is expected, as are rising percentages of healthcare costs, as are tuition hikes. When continual increases are justified as well it's only a small percentage of increase it's bearable, where does it stop. Where do we stop when there's always one more project to do, one more client/patron to help, one more way to squeeze out more. When are we satisfied? Good post. Thought provoking.

Nick S. said...

This is good stuff as always. Thought provoking and really relevant.

We have increases everywhere. One more project, one more client to take on, one more little increase in healthcare benefits, one more increase in the price of gas, one more tuition hike, one more, one more, one more.

When is it enough. When do all of the costs level out and we realize that if we don't stop increasing costs that soon no one will be able to afford the time, talent, or treasure to anything because it will never be enough.

Good post.